Caruso's Kids Vitamin D Melts 60tabs

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Children who are not getting adequate Vitamin D levels or those wanting a vegetarian form of Vitamin D. The fast dissolving melts are an easy delivery method, especially for children who have trouble chewing and swallowing tablets and capsules. 

Vitamin D deficiency is once again surfacing as a major paediatric health issue in Australia and New Zealand. Caruso’s Kids Vitamin D Melt has been specifically formulated for children using an innovative fast dissolving technology and contains a natural vegetarian source of Vitamin D called VitaShine.

Caruso’s Kids Vitamin D Melt has been formulated for:
• Calcium absorption
• Healthy bones and teeth
• Muscle strength
• Immune system support 

Customers who would use Caruso’s Kids Vitamin D Melt:
• Children needing a Vitamin D supplement
• Children who are not exposed to a lot of sunshine
• Children who are usually in shady areas or indoors
• Vegetarians needing a Vitamin D supplement
• Those with trouble swallowing tablets and capsules needing vitamin D supplementation
• Those wishing to maintain and support healthy bone and muscle
• Those wishing to help the normal formation and maintenance of healthy teeth
• Those wanting support for the immune system

Active Ingredients. Each fast dissolve tablet contains:
Cholecalciferol (VitaShine) 5mcg
Equiv. to Vitamin D 200IU

For infants and children under 12 years of age:

General supplementation: Take 1 Melt daily with main meals or as advised by your health care professional

Supplementation for “At risk” groups: Take 2 Melts daily with main meals or as advised by your health care Professional.

If you prefer, for infants under the age of 2, tablets may be dissolved in a teaspoon of water and then taken immediately.

Small, round, white disintegrating tablet.

Diameter: 9.5mm
Thickness: 3.9mm

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