ABFE Purifying Cream Cleanser 50ml

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I will purify myself of all self doubt, of all negative energy, so that my soul will shine through the stillness I have found, and there I will find self acceptance. LOVE YOUR FACE.

An exquisite organic cleanser for oily, dry, normal and the most delicate skin, imbibed with cleansing botanicals, exquisite oils and Australian Bush Flower Essences. The creamy milk formulation binds with dirt & impurities to purify pores and gently cleanse facial skin leaving behind a smooth, cleansed and revitalised silky skin feel.

Gently apply to your beautiful face, remove excess, tone & rehydrate with selected mist, and apply moisturiser or an intensive skin beauty treatment.

  • Excellent for dry, oily, normal and even the most delicate skin 
  • Gently removes dirt and impurities to cleanse skin and purify pores 
  • After cleansing, tone & rehydrate with selected mist, apply moisturiser or an intensive skin beauty treatment

Purifying cream cleanser contains these Flower Essences:

  • Angelsword 
  • Billy Goat Plum 
  • Bottlebrush 
  • Bush Iris 
  • Five Corners 
  • Flannel Flower 
  • Fringed Violet
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