ABFE Gentle Face Wash Morning Citrus 50ml

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I will find my positive energy, a reawakening, and focus that positive energy, to make a positive difference to this day. My face gives expression to all that I feel, all that I am, I will shine like a beacon of self acceptance, I will shine my light. LOVE WHO YOU ARE.

Delicate, gentle cleansing. An organic face wash formula for all skin types, containing Australian Bush Flower Essences and organic sun ripened citrus to gently cleanse & invigorate even the most delicate and mature skin. With revitalising energy to enliven the Skin, Senses & Soul.

Moisten your beautiful face and gently apply in a circular cleansing motion, rinse well.

  • Gentle, skin invigorating cleanser 
  • A gentle facial cleanser for all skin types 
  • Cleanses skin without stripping delicate skin of natural sebums

Gentle everyday face wash serum - morning citrus dynamis contains these Flower Essences:

  • Angelsword 
  • Bauhinia 
  • Billy Goat Plum 
  • Bottlebrush 
  • Five Corners 
  • Fringed Violet 
  • Macrocarpa
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