Millenium Bio-Buffered C-Plus Powder 450g

Millenium Bio-Buffered C-Plus Powder 450g

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Millenium Bio-Buffered C-Plus Powder is the most complete and effective Vitamin C supplement in powder form yet available. It is a traditional buffered vitamin C supplement which suits most people who are vitamin C deficient. It contains important minerals zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium and magnesium in a highly efficient bio-absorbable form. It also contains Potassium and Magnesium Aspartates (Amino acids) which assists in stamina, alertness and endurance.  Millenium Bio-Buffered C-Plus Powder also contains Vitamin B2 and vegetable protein in the base.

A wholesome supplement designed to provide nutritional support for all ages (above the age of 2) especially children and geriatric patients in need of boosting their immune & circulatory systems and performance in general. It is also an important supplement for women’s health.

Millenium Bio-Buffered C-Plus Powder 450g


  • Guaranteed no added Sugar and no Mineral Phosphates (Eco friendly)
  • A TGA Listed Product (Aust L. 224452)
  • Contains essential minerals Potassium and Magnesium from amino acid Potassium Magnesium Aspartates (for alertness and stamina) and, vegetable protein in the product base.
  • Workout friendly product low GI boosts energy level
  • Replenishes mineral and amino acid reserves lost in sweating during workouts
  • Improves circulation, capillary integrity and iron absorption.
  • In winter & spring boost immunity and antioxidant level to fight allergens and pollens in the air.
  • In summer & autumn minimize ill effects of heat, rashes, pollutants and dryness of skin which may cause poor circulation and capillary fragility.



Ascorbic Acid as calcium ascorbate 472mg

Ascorbic acid 590mg

Total Vitamin C content 1062mg

Hesperidin 200mg

Zinc as gluconate 2.9g

Manganese as gluconate 1.14mg

Copper as gluconate 700mcg

Potassium as aspartate 21.7mg

Magnesiun as aspartate 7.48mg

Also contains Silica, soy protein, riboflavin sodium phosphate, natural lemon flavour and stevia.

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