Colon Cleanse 125g

Colon Cleanse 125g

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Safe and gentle colon cleanser.

Colon Cleanse 125g


Colon Cleanse uses magnesium oxide to cleanse the entire digestive tract safely and gently. Magnesium oxide draws large amounts of water into the gastrointestinal tract which softening and liberating impacted and hardened waste matter to be flushed out. Magnesium oxide is one of the best and safest intestinal cleansers. When mixed with water and consumed, it's unique properties allows it to liberate large amounts of oxygen. The additional oxygen in the intestinal tract encourages healthy, oxygen loving (aerobic) bacteria and at the same time inhibits the growth of unhealthy bacteria and funghi (Candida Albicans).

Each person is unique and different. Therefore, the prescription and dosage for a given complaint will differ greatly depending on the individual. One has to take into account the degree of toxicity and the rate of intestinal transit time for each individual before formulating a dosage. As a general rule, the first week or two should be intensive. Frequency of bowel motions might be as much as four to ten times daily. However, lifestyle and work commitments in most cases will demand a more gradual application of magnesium oxide.

One should strive for a dosage which will stimulate at least two to three bowel motions per day. This dosage may be as much as two heaped teaspoons a day or as little as one half teaspoon daily. Remember to listen to your body.

The magnesium oxide should come in white powder form and is generally mixed in half a glass of water. Substances which are mildly acidic, such as lemon juice or apple cider can be added or follow the ingestion of magnesium oxide. These mildly acidic substances enhance the digestion of the magnesium oxide.

Magnesium oxide should not be taken with meals. That is, at least an hour before or after eating. Since magnesium oxide liquefies toxic matter, it can be expected that the bowel motions will be loose. This is not diarrhea but the result of the hydrating effect of magnesium oxide. After the initial intensive or gradual cleansing period, some people will find it beneficial to use magnesium oxide on a regular basis. A general principle is to take enough so as to stimulate regularity. Because magnesium oxide produces water and oxygen it is safe to use on a regular basis.

People who use magnesium oxide on a regular basis may need to take some extra potassium. Please consult with your health practitioner.

Ingredients: Each 5ml teaspoon contains 1.065g of magnesium as: Magnesium oxide - heavy - 1.6g Magnesium carbonate - heavy - 400mg

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