Power of probioticsprobiotic

The health of your digestive system has a direct relationship with your overall health, and if your digestive system is unhealthy, you’ll be at greater risk of experiencing ill health. Your digestive system contains a large reservoir of digestive bacteria which play an important role in maintaining not only the health of your digestive system, but of your whole body.

Friendly vs unfriendly digestive bacteria

When there is a healthy balance between friendly and unfriendly bacteria in your digestive system, your body is in harmony and you enjoy good health. When that balance is disturbed, unfriendly bacteria can take advantage of this disturbance and begin to flourish and outnumber your friendly bacteria. Disturbances to this balance may occur through poor food choices, stress, medications (particularly antibiotics), excessive alcohol consumption and gastroenteritis. Friendly digestive bacteria are directly involved in the digestion of your food, supporting immune system function, protecting against infection, producing a number of vitamins and enzymes, and maintaining healthy mood.

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