Powerful plant based proteins

With so many different sources of protein available to you these days, it’s hard to know which one best suits your needs. Protein supplements can be used for those looking for higher levels of protein in their diet, weight loss, muscle building and general wellbeing, so it’s important you understand the benefits of your protein source to achieve the results you want.

 Protein basics

Protein provides the structural or building blocks for your body. Protein is vital for many of your body’s functions including:

  • repair and maintenance of cells
  • creation of hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters and other important compounds
  • regulation of metabolism
  • energy production

 Once digested, protein is broken down into amino acids to be utilised by your body. There are 20 types of amino acids, consisting of non-essential amino acids and essential amino acids. Non-essential amino acids can be produced by your body, whereas essential amino acids can only be obtained through your diet. All amino acids have different functions in your body.

plant protein sources

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