Could your body do with an immune boost?

During winter your hard working immune system may need an extra boost to protect you from colds, flu and other minor respiratory infections. Here are three signs that it might be time to give it a boost.

1. You’re run down or stressed out

Are you feeling run-down or stressed out? If so, listen to the signals your body is sending you and take a proactive approach to giving your immune system the extra support it’s craving, because either of these situations may indicate that you’re more susceptible than usual to minor infections.

2. You’re surrounded by sick people

If everyone in your office, classroom or home is coughing and sneezing, it’s highly likely that you’ll get sick too.

Supporting the immune health of babies, toddlers and children when they’re exposed to adults or other children with colds and flu is especially important, because their young immune systems are still learning how to identify and destroy infectious organisms, leaving them more prone to getting sick.

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