Lower Bowel Stimulant – Nature’s Sunshine’s Herbal Laxative.

 This herbal combination blends strong, effective purgative herbs together with protective, gentle and soothing herbs to modify possible unwanted effects associated with laxatives. Together, these herbs enhance elimination, improve digestion, soothe the digestive tract and promote the growth of friendly colonic bacteria. This Senna free combination includes Cascara sagrada, Alder buckthorn, Liquorice, Couch grass, Oregon grape, Red clover, Rhubarb root. Also included in the formula are Capsicum and Ginger because they minimise griping and help calm the digestive tract. Because of the purgative effect, this product is not recommended for children under 12 years or if pregnant or breastfeeding, medical advice should be sought before taking this product. 

 Nature’s Sunshine Lower Bowel Stimulant (LBS) has been one of Nature’s Sunshine signature and popular product for over 25years. The reason is how effective LBS is in providing gentle relief from constipation.

 Nature’s Sunshine Lower Bowel Stimulant is also suitable for anyone experiencing the more common symptoms associated with constipation such as itchy/problematic skin, headaches, lethargy and bloating.

 Remember to always read the label warnings.

CANDIDA and Fungal Fighter

Pau D’Arco  - The Exotic Herb Helping to Treat Candida, Yeast and Fungal Infections

There is a beautiful pink flowering tree native in the Amazonian rainforest, which the locals refer to as “Pink Lapacho”. This exotic tree, known in the western world as Pau D’Arco, produces from its bark, a therapeutic active nutrient called “lapachol” – a potent agent used for its anti-fungal activity.

 Pau D’Arco has been traditionally used for a wide range of conditions, including yeast and fungal infections.

Thrush, vaginitis, genital candidiasis, tinea, athlete’s foot, fungal nail infection, fungal skin infection, nappy rash, allergies, sugar cravings may be symptoms and signs of an opportunistic fungal or yeast infection.

Candida albicans is a type of yeast or yeast-like parasitic fungus. It is one of the many micro-organisms naturally found in the body – generally the skin, digestive and reproductive tracts, as well as the mouth.  A healthy immune system can contain the level of yeast, fungal and micro-organisms in the body. However, when the immune system is compromised and there is increased stress, poor nutrition, with a high intake of sugar and yeast in the diet, yeasts or fungi can proliferate.

Treating candida or any other fungal or yeast infestation naturopathically involves a more comprehensive approach which includes:

  • Dealing with the excess level of yeast or fungi using probiotics and anti-fungal herbs such as Pau D’Arco, Golden Seal and Garlic
  • Avoiding foods such as sugar, honey, processed or packaged foods, sweets, pastries, alcohol, dried fruits, limit fresh fruits due to their fructose content, fermented foods and minimise dairy and grains
  • Addressing the underlying cause – stress, compromised immunity, hygiene – washing the infected area to prevent the spread of harmful micro-organisms

Nature’s Sunshine Pau D’Arco:

  • Traditionally used for its antifungal activity.
    • Aids or assists in the maintenance and improvement of general wellbeing.

Pau D’Arco, fight fungus and yeast infections – naturally.


 Don’t Sweat It!

 Do you experience excessive sweating day or night? 

 Sage is a herb traditionally used for the relief of excessive sweating and perspiration. It can be useful during the day for general excessive sweating, as well as at night for menopausal night sweats.

 Suitable for BOTH men and women who are seeking relief from excessive perspiration.

 Sage is also useful as a gargle to soothe minor mouth and throat irritations.

 Nature’s Sunshine Sage contains:

  • Sage (Salvia officinalis)   –   400mg

Take 2-3 capsule with a meal twice daily

 Nature’s Sunshine Sage - stops excessive sweating, naturally.