Could your body do with an immune boost?

During winter your hard working immune system may need an extra boost to protect you from colds, flu and other minor respiratory infections. Here are three signs that it might be time to give it a boost.

1. You’re run down or stressed out

Are you feeling run-down or stressed out? If so, listen to the signals your body is sending you and take a proactive approach to giving your immune system the extra support it’s craving, because either of these situations may indicate that you’re more susceptible than usual to minor infections.

2. You’re surrounded by sick people

If everyone in your office, classroom or home is coughing and sneezing, it’s highly likely that you’ll get sick too.

Supporting the immune health of babies, toddlers and children when they’re exposed to adults or other children with colds and flu is especially important, because their young immune systems are still learning how to identify and destroy infectious organisms, leaving them more prone to getting sick.

3. You keep catching colds

Most adults catch between two and four colds per year. Getting sick more often than that may be a sign that your immune system isn’t coping well with minor infections.

Natural immune support

So what can you take to support your immune health? Depending on your personal circumstances, consider the following herbs and nutrients:

  • If you’re repeatedly catching colds or are at increased risk of doing so consider the herbs Astragalus, Siberian Ginseng and Schisandra, which have traditionally been used to boost immune defences, enhance vitality and support the body’s stress-coping mechanisms
  • At the same time, zinc and vitamin C may provide additional immune support by promoting the activity and functioning of key immune cells involved in fighting infection
  • In the early stages of a cold or the flu, Andrographis, Olive Leaf and Echinacea may help fight cold viruses and ease symptoms like sore throat, runny nose and fever
  • If your cold has been around for a few days or more, combine Echinacea with Chinese herbs like Isatis, Honeysuckle and Forsythia, which have traditionally been used to help to relieve mucous congestion and cough
  • Relieve acute or chronic sinusitis with herbs like Xanthium (also known as Cockleburr), Magnolia Flower and White Angelica, which have traditionally been used in Chinese herbal medicine to address sinus congestion
  • A premium probiotic for babies and kids may be beneficial for their immune health, helping to reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infection while also supporting healthy immune system development

We recommend:

  • Fusion® Health Astra 8® Immune Tonic: Combines Astragalus with other Chinese herbs traditionally used to boost resistance to infection and recovery afterwards

  • Fusion® Health ActiViral®: High potency antiviral formula with Andrographis and Olive Leaf

  • Fusion® Cold and Flu: reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu and help fight other mild upper respiratory infections