Nutrients for Kids

Tuesday, 03 February 2015

Children’s nutrition can be a minefieldkids nurients

Growth and development during infancy and childhood occurs at a very rapid rate so it’s important to ensure that suitable levels of nutrients are available during this important period. Picky eaters and children with food allergies/intolerances provide a special challenge for parents. While each child will follow their own growth and development or ‘milestone’ pattern, all children follow the same stages of development, in the same order.

Children’s nutritional requirements

The food environment is something that parents can control, particularly when it comes to healthy eating habits and nutrition. Children’s nutritional requirements can vary widely, depending upon their age, rate of growth and their level of physical activity. Consequences of poor nutrition include failure to thrive, intellectual difficulties and childhood obesity. A nutritional deficiency may take weeks or months to emerge and can lead to serious health problems, both now and in the future.

In Australia, children tend to be deficient in, or have low levels of:....

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10 Reasons to RETHINK your next workout and become one of the crowd.

Attending a group fitness class can be a daunting prospect for any gym attendee. The idea of having to commit to a certain time, step outside your comfort zone and sweat it out with a room full of strangers is not exactly on most people’s bucket list.

The truth is that group fitness can benefit you in many ways and is actually a lot of fun! Classes help keep you motivated, can become a social event and are great for making new friends who also enjoy staying fit and healthy. After reading the definitive top ten reasons for joining a group fitness class you will realise why all your friends attend 45 – 60 minute classes religiously and find yourself thinking “why have I never given this a try!”.

 The reasons are as follows:

 1.   CORRECT INSTRUCTION - Correct technique is vitally important in any workout to prevent injuries and to help you achieve maximum results. A group setting is great if you feel intimidated to use particular equipment or ask questions as the instructor will always advise you on what you need to know to get started.

 2.   MOTIVATION – Exercising with a great instructor whilst standing next to someone else doing the same workout could be what you need to motivate yourself to go that little bit harder each class.

 3.   SOCIALISATION – Being in a group has a great social aspect to it and is a more engaging experience than exercising on your own.

 4.   COST EFFECTIVE – Personal training sessions can cost you up to three times more than a single group fitness class. This means for the same amount of money you are able to attend a few group fitness classes a week.

 5.   CONSISTENCY IN YOUR ROUTINE – At your local fitness centre they will have a current group fitness timetable so that you can choose classes that suit you and your availability. This allows you to take part in a variety of fitness classes while forming a weekly exercise routine.

Click HERE to check out the full list! 

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Fitness Tip: Multiply Your Muscles

Monday, 13 January 2014

Always mix up your routines and try to increase the volume of your workouts by changing weights, increasing your repetitions, or doing more sets. 

This shocks your muscles so that they don’t get used to the same routine which then creates growth.

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Get Ready for Summer

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Want to look toned and feel great this summer?

Then checkout this simple MHW Summer Workout.  It has three different days of workout to help tone your upper body, lower body and your core.  Combining these exercises with a healthy diet and the right supplements will have you looking toned and feeling fit this summer.

MHW Top Tips:

The first set of each exercise should be a moderate weight of only 5-6 reps, the second set should be 75% of your max weight and the third set should be done until you start to feel muscle exhaustion.

Combine these workouts with a high protein supplement directly after training to aid muscle recovery and toning.

Day 1: Toning - Lower Body



5 minute

Warm-up on treadmill at a comfortable pace

3 sets


Avoid leaning forward. Keep the knees from moving in front of your toes. The squat is the most intense of all leg exercises and will provide the greatest benefit in terms of weight loss and toning of the lower body.

3 sets

Leg Press:

Push the weight up so that the legs are fully extended but without locking the knees.

3 sets

Leg extension

Straighten the legs forward and up, without locking the knee at the top. Lower back to a 90 degree angle and repeat.

3 sets

Lunges - try to do 3 or so laps up and down your local gym floor

Maintaining an upright position, take a step forward (landing heel-toe). Bend both knees and descend until the forward thigh is parallel to the floor. Push up and step up to the starting position.

8 minute

Cool down on treadmill

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calf raises

Friday, 30 August 2013

Fitness Tip:  Do standing and seated calf raise exercises.

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sleep to get big

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Did you know that up to 40% of your muscle growth happens when you sleep?

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Fitness Tip:  How to Get Up Early for Exercise 

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protein for women's fitness

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Why is protein is essential to a woman’s fitness regime?

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fitness tip: jump higher!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fitness Tip:  Jump Higher!

This simple jumping exercise will improve your vertical leap!

jump higher

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