Herbs and nutrients for healthy hair

Keen to keep your hair looking its best and in healthy condition too? These herbs and nutrients may help.

Fallopia: traditionally used to maintain healthy hair

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the herb Fallopia has traditionally been taken to help maintain healthy hair growth and keep hair in optimum condition (for example by enhancing its shine, strength and volume). It may also help to manage thinning hair, damaged hair and hair loss associated with alopecia (sometimes referred to as spot baldness) and/or male- and female-pattern baldness.

These effects are traditionally believed to occur as a result of Fallopia’s supportive effects on the health of the Liver and Kidney organ-meridian systems.

You may well be wondering what the Liver and Kidney have to do with the hair, but in TCM, these organ-meridian systems are believed to govern the health of the hair follicles and provide them with nourishment.

Preliminary scientific studies (laboratory studies) appear to support this traditional understanding of Fallopia’s benefits for hair health, suggesting that the herb may work by promoting the active growth (or anagen) phase of the hair life cycle.

Nourishing nutrients for your hair

Several of the nutrients you consume in your daily diet are involved in helping to maintain the health of your hair, often in addition to helping to support the health of other forms of connective tissue like your skin and nails.

When shopping for a hair, skin and nails supplement, look for one that contains silica, plus other nutrients such as vitamin C, the B-group vitamins B2, B5, B6 and biotin, and the minerals zinc and copper.