Blooms Super Kelp 75 Tablets

Blooms Super Kelp 75 Tablets

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Blooms Kelp 75 tablets

Blooms Super Kelp 75 Tablets


Blooms Kelp Description Biology and Ecology Ascophyllum nodosum is a brown seaweed belonging to the order Fucales. It grows on rocks at about the mid intertidal level in exposed areas, where it replaces Fucus that prefers calmer waters. The brownish-green thalli grow in tufts, each of them composed of strapshaped fronds of different ages all growing from a common holdfast base. These thick flattened straps can reach a length of 1 to 1.5 m and have nodes at intervals along their length with air bladders that serve as floats so that the plant can stand upright in the water. They are irregularly branched with short lateral branches. The age of the seaweed can be deduced from the number of nodes ラ they can often live for more than fifteen years. Harvesting Harvesting takes place throughout the year on the upper intertidal zone. This is done in way so as to preserve the resources by cutting more than 20 cm above the holdfast so that the thallus can grow back again quickly. BLOOMS KELP GRANULES Description Biology and Ecology Laminaria digitata (kelp) is a brown seaweed belonging to the order Laminariales, a group that typifies the grandiose nature of the submarine world. It is one of the largest seaweeds occurring on European coasts, extending from Brittany to Spitzbergen. Its glossy brown thallus can reach 3 to 4 m in length. It has a cylindrical, smooth, flexible stem called a stipe and a thallus divided into laminae. This thallus is fixed by a holdfast to the rocks near or below the low tide level down to a depth of 10 m. This type of seaweed is considered to be the anatomically most advanced. One of the specialities of the kelps is their high concentration of extractable alginates, which give them their flexibility allowing them to withstand the pounding of the waves. Harvesting Kelps are harvested from boats from May to September mainly on the Mol�ne archipelago at the very western tip of Brittany, in the clear turbulent waters of the Atlantic, where a wide range of seaweeds grow in the absence of any pollution. .

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